Another Whiskey Review Site?

Of course, we don't think we're just another review site. We aim to be more than that. Here's what make us different.

Making Drinking Whiskey Even More...Social

Most review websites are one person or one group with a narrow perspective. But we all know that no two whiskey-drinkers are the same.

If you love a peaty Scotch, you probably know someone who doesn't care for peat but loves a good sweet bourbon. Read any whiskey book, blog or tasting notes and you're likely to get a single perspective.

Not here, we're working to help you find great reviews and great people who share your tastes.

Making Drinking Whiskey Even More...Accessible

You've barely tasted any whiskey, no matter who you are. We've collected over 3500 different bottles here and that's hardly an exhaustive list. How do you get started?

Want to get started drinking single malt scotch? Maybe you've got some bottles you love, but you're ready to branch out. Perhaps you'd like to try something exotic.

Here, we'll point you to lists of bottles that will help expand your whiskey knowledge. Rather than read about whiskey you might never sample, we point you to bottles you can find and try.

Who wants to read about whiskey when we could be drinking it?

Making Drinking Whiskey Even More...Fun

Drinking a fine scotch or digging into a strong bourbon is an enjoyable-enough experience, but the most fun I've ever had was trying to collect a sip of each of the 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die, from the book by Ian Buxton.

On this site you'll get badges to further reward your accomplishments. Like Speysides? Submit reviews for bottles you know and earn the Speyside Expert badge.

Can you collect them all?

What Else?

I need your ratings. I want to build an artificial intelligence recommendation engine that will point you to whiskies you will like, not because some "expert" liked them, but because people with tastes similar to yours liked them. The more bottles you rate, the better the recommendations will get for everyone, but first I need enough recommendations.